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    My wife has filed a false case against me under crpc 125. one is for interim maintenance another is for normal maintenance.
    1.) do i need to submit the transcript along with the audio / video recording to prove most of the allegation are false ?
    2.) will the judge hear the recorded audio and watch the recorded video ?
    3.) will the judge prefer to read the transcript of the recording ?
    4.) Is there any risk of submitting audio / video without transcript ?
    5.) Do I need to submit the actual memory card which contains the recording ?
    6.) Can I submit the soft copy of the recording to court and keep the actual memory card with me for safety ?
    7.) Should I submit all the evidence Paper/audio/video recording during my first reply to the allegation of wife in the court ?

    I recorded several instances of misbehavior of my wife as I came to know about the conspiracy by my wife and MIL to implicate me court case. I also have the recording of the conspiracy.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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