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    current cases: 8 year old 498a : in lower court, charge framed on false FIR by wife in city of marriage (city M) of being thrown out of husbands house in the city of work at the time (city W) and asking for dowry, IO (city M) signed saying charge is true.(all false)…at hearing wife doesn’t show up..her whereabouts (somewhere in city M) are unknown for last 8 years.. Anticipatory bail to husband and MIL was granted within first year of wife filing false FIR.
    dv act: ex parte order granting residence order, maintenance order to wife. 8 year old order…this was discovered only recently when wife showed up at house and demanded to sign on mutual consent divorce and initial on DV ex parte order (poor print and handwritten order)…she brought goons and attacked MIL and husband.
    husband is unemployed and living in mother house which is ancestral house…the only period wife was at ancestral house was at marriage time for 1 week…after this both wife and husband left for different city were husband worked…at new city (city w) wife one day created big scene, had pre-arranged to leave the city with her father and left city…she then filed fir from city of marriage claiming to have been thrown from house.(city W)..she abandoned and no one knows her residence…in last 8 years she randomly shows up at current ancestral house (city M) of MIL and starts shouting demanding money and then leaves…this time she came with goons and attacked and asked to initial on dv exparte order and sign on mutual consent divorce petition….No order related to exparte DV or its execution has been received by MIL and husband..all cases and current residence (ancestral house) are City M. MIL and husband live in ancestral house (city M).
    Q. can one appeal exparte dv order after 8 years? under which act
    Q. how can one prevent wife from getting residence in house belonging to MIL and of current residence of MIL and husband …
    Q. is the ancestral house under above mentioned conditions considered as shared household because of brief 1 week co-residence during marriage and under danger because of residence order..
    Q. under what section can one file to reduce maintenance amt (9000rs/mo–husband has no income)
    Q. how to proceed in 498a case to get acquittal

    thanks for reading and any help

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